Saturday, July 31, 2010

LA photoshoot

Once in a while, I like to go a-wandering downtown into areas people hardly ever really see. This one though, was an accident. I was with some of my fellow photographers when, out of the corner of someone's eye, these popped into view. Not exactly abandoned; there were some sleeping bags in a corner and beer (soda for the underage reader) cans scattered about. There is a certain rustic charm to old train cars.

03 19 10_2348

03 19 10_2351

03 19 10_2372

As we moved further north, we found Olvera St. and China Town. The colors are absolutely in-your-face beautiful.

03 19 10_241303 19 10_2401

03 19 10_2454

03 19 10_2482

03 19 10_2498

03 19 10_2443 03 19 10_2459
03 19 10_2449

I even liked the un-colored areas...

03 19 10_250303 19 10_242803 19 10_2432

It's a beautiful place behind all the dirt and smog. The rush of the crowds drowns out the beauty of the fountains and park benches and tiny flowers peaking out through cracks. All in all, I would never want to live there, but I do like the occasional trip.

Greek Festival 2010

06 05 10_Greek Festival_4549

Okay, so it's a few weeks old, but I just loved this day so I wanted to share it.

First, I've never been to a Greek Festival so, as excited as I was, I had no idea what I was going to see.

The Temple was beautiful.

06 05 10_Greek Festival_4551

At one point, they had Greek Dancers. It was so fun with all the different ages.
06 05 10_Greek Festival_4524

06 05 10_Greek Festival_4487 copy

There were all ages there,

06 05 10_Greek Festival_4531

And SOME moments just couldn't be missed.

06 05 10_Greek Festival_4507 copy